Prices reflect labor only. Client is responsible to provide all items that they are wanting custom work on with the exception of “PRODUCTS” unless otherwise stated.

*Prices are subject to change depending on size, content and/or type of surface being written on. Because there is a variety of unique projects for each event or wedding, please send us an inquiry so we can better price what exactly it is you need.*

  • Chalkboard- starting at $45

  • Mirror- starting at $50

  • Acrylic- stating at $45 (please note, for a colored backsplash, add $10)

  • Wood- starting at $60

  • Framed Paper with foiling- starting at $10

  • Paper table numbers with foiling ~5.5x4- $2 each

*Mirror and chalkboard rentals are available upon request starting at $15 each.

Client will have to provide envelopes and must include at least 20% extra for human error. Envelopes can be mailed or a meeting can be arranged

  • Name only- $1 per envelope

  • Name & address- $1.50 per envelope

  • Name & address + return address on back- $2.25 per envelope

I would love to work with you for any custom item or for anything you don’t see on this page! Please fill out this form!

*Price with personalization comes with a maximum of 2 names. For each additional name or word, it will be $1.50 each* Shipping not included.

  • Personalized Mug- starting at $15

  • Personalized water bottle-starting at $20

  • Personalized wine glass- starting at $15

  • Personalized champagne flute- starting at $15

  • Escort place cards (full name only);
    paper- starting $1 each,
    any other surface-starting at $2 each

    (all escort cards/place cards will have to be provided by client)

Guest list and seating chart on a word or excel document must be ready AT LEAST 2 weeks prior to event/wedding

  • Start up fee $50 + $1 per guest name + $2 per table name
    *Start up fee includes all measuring and prep work, header (i.e. find your seat, be our guest etc.), and footer (couple name and date).
    Different seating chart designs and layouts available upon request.

    * Mirror and chalkboard rentals are available upon request starting at $15 each.

All orders with 2 weeks or less before event date will have a 25% surcharge as a rush order fee.
Thank you for understanding.


All orders over $100 will require a 30% down payment.
No refunds for any services or products sold. If you have any issues with your product, please contact us as soon as possible.